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A new app makes finding new friends as easy as posting a status or a tweet, but you shouldn’t download it if you have enough already.

‘Orca’ is an exciting Geo-Social app, it allows users to spark up new friendships based on shared interests with people that are close by, the goal is always the same, “to help you get together with others and socialise in the real world”

girls-garden-convoHayden Bailey a Student at Teesside University is one of three co-founders of Orca. He was inspired to create the app after he found, while he had over 1,000 friends on Facebook he had started to feel isolated after his closest friends had moved away with work. He told the BBC

I wouldn’t say I’m an introvert at all so It struck me that I can’t be the only one with this problem?! We’re living in a digital age that gives us this illusion of being connected. We seek connection in the form of a ‘Like’, a reply to a status or a reaction to a Snapchat but that’s essentially like trying to get our Five-A-Day from a Fruit-Shoot, it’s just sugar water that fails to meet our basic human needs.

Socialising feeds into Our overall Well-being – “The sense of contentment and happiness that we feel about life.” People who have a strong sense of well-being are healthier, happier, less likely to miss work for illness and more productive. New research by bestselling authors Tom Rath and Jim Harter, PhD demonstrates that achieving that well-being – even for introverts! – requires five to six hours of social interaction each day.

Hayden who rowed at an elite level while at university has had a thriving social life over the years but understands that things can quickly change

“If you move to a new city or your work life takes over and BAM! instantly it seems your social life suffers”

He’s highly motivated by the idea that the digital revolution that he believes has eroded our face-to-face social time could be both cause and the cure.

The App ‘Orca’ is available for iOS in the UK app store with an android version in the works, If your social life could do with a kick and you want to see who’s nearby then do download it here.


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