She Started Filming Her Dad Singing — But Millions Can’t Believe What She Captured


Sometimes you just watch something and think, wow the world has to see this! and this video has done some amazing things since it was uploaded on the 2nd of January.

A YouTube user under the name of Daylafulla wanted to show just how talented her Dad was and boy are we glad she did.

Kris Jones, the man in the video, can be seen sitting in his car with his daughter. both from texas, she turned and asked him to take the song “Tennessee Whiskey” for a spin, while she was quick to hit record on her mobile phone.


The George Jones song that has once again been made popular by the country singer Chris Stapleton.

It’s a stunning song with some beautiful lyrics but just wait and till you see what happens when Kris opens his mouth… it’s quite simply mesmerising.

The YouTube views are quickly racking up.

His voice fills the car with smooth soul and it’s beginning to look like the world agree as it has been gaining around 1 million views a day! Which makes it a serious viral video.

You know what’s coming don’t you, next stop, it’s going to be Ellen, surely?

I personally would love to see this highly tallented dad getting the recognition he deserves.

We’d love hear what you think of this guys talent so be sure to leave a comment with your thoughts? 

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